Código Austin aims to promote science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) fields to underserved students through involvement, exposure, and mentorship.


"A Study Finds That Diverse Companies Produce 19% More Revenue."

-Anna Powers, Forbes


Código Austin began after noticing a significant disproportion of Latino, Black, and female representation in higher tech and other STEAM fields. The conversation persisted as it anecdotally became apparent that the resources typically provided to successful individuals in higher STEAM fields were voided for many minorities. Resources such as a networks in the industry, involvement in the community, equipment, and strong mentorships are privileges most successful outliers received on their path to success. These are the same privileges, or lack thereof, observed in minority students in our community; the lack of these privileges is the way we define “underserved” in our mission statement. Código, the Spanish word for “Code”, is purposefully meant to convey the urgency of diversity within STEAM fields; Austin is our starting point.

Data provided by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (2014)


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